• SHOW: Good Day New York, WNYW, 7AM, FOX O&O
  • SHOW DATE: Tuesday, November 3 & 6, 2015
  • ANCHORS: Rosanna Scotto, Greg Kelly
  • WEATHER: Mike Woods
  • LIVE REPORTER: Teresa Priolo
  • IN-STUDIO REPORTER:  Robert Moses
  • TRAFFIC IN-STUDIO: Ines Rosales

11-6-2015 8-01-04 AM - CopyGood Day New York is fascinating to watch because the key to its success is its simplicity. Hosted by Rosanna Scotto and Greg Kelly, the show is 100% New York-centric. It’s a near text-book case of the proper use of all the elements that go into a successful local morning show. These are things I’ve been spelling out in countless blog posts about producing morning shows:

  • Two strong, personality-driven hosts. Rosanna is subtly in charge11-6-2015 8-02-23 AM - Copy – the show revolves around her, with Greg holding his own
  • They’re in no hurry. They run the show, rather than the producer or director overtly pushing them to move on from the control room
  • The hosts discuss news of the day and how that news fits into their own lives
  • Storytelling – Rosanna and Greg are both well-spoken storytellers
  • They used signature segments in the shows
  • No monitors. OK, well, the in-studio reporter was draped next to a stack of flatscreens, but no monitors were within 20-feet of Rosanna or Greg
  • Constant beauty shots (often from the chopper) of the city going into and out of each break
  • The directing was a bit understated for my taste… there were close-ups following their conversation but overall, the show sits on a 2-shot of Rosanna and Greg. Rather Regis & Kathy Lee-esque
  • No shoulder boxes!
  • Stories were very carefully selected and presented. There were no stories that didn’t belong in the mix and none the hosts didn’t comment on.

In 2014, Good Day New York beat the network shows during November sweeps. There’s no reason to think this won’t happen again this year.  And the simple reason is – it all comes down to who you want to spend your time with. The hosts greet you from their home base – there’s no Setwalking here. Rosanna begins complaining about how she got stuck in Presidential gridlock twice last night – a circumstance thousands of New Yorkers identify with. She talks about how she was “Periscoping” her gridlock adventures. Greg, of course, scolds her for not taking the subway. It’s not forced conversation. It’s everyday life in the city.

In the news, the pair called out Quentin Tarantino for calling cops murders in a New York City rally – demanding an apology. They discussed a new poll that says Mayor DeBlasio is doing a lousy job. Robert Moses was in-studio with a report on Ben Carson’s rise in the polls. There was a report about a new 9/11 video game being released that’s causing controversy and a story examining the quality of life for New Yorkers. Nothing here was over-produced or over-hyped or reported in the breathless manner of the networks. It was a very business-as-usual day. It was comfortable to watch and there was no fuss.

Mike Woods did his weather and Ines Rosales was around for traffic reports. But what I really liked were all the beauty shots of the city sprinkled in throughout the show. At one point, the chopper flew over an old ship graveyard –I think it was the Arthur Kill ship graveyard on southern Staten Island. It was a spectacle to see from the air and something New Yorkers never get to see from that perspective. This is why the chopper is such a vital window on the world. Our chopper on the original KTLA Morning News would show us the huge Bel Air mansions from the air as well as all the crap some people had collected in their “Filthy Backyards”. I realize the chopper is expensive, but it is its own personality in a show like this – and it’s such a valuable tool – not just for traffic and breaking news, but just to “show me” my city from the sky.

Compare this show and this format to GMA and Today. When I watch the networks, I end up feeling like a victim of the gimmicks they’re using to attract viewers. All the hyper teasing and over-produced content, and a parade of reporters and presenters and experts. Good Day New York is essentially two people behind a desk sharing some news and swapping some stories. It’s not rocket surgery. I rate it a 9.


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