Wanna interview Prince Charles??  Here’s a standard 15-page agreement you must sign before he’ll agree. Clarence House is the official residence for the Prince. These are the highlights:

  • The Interviewer may solely ask a set of questions mutually agreed between Clarence House and [the news organisation].
  • A representative of Clarence House shall be permitted to view the Programme prior to broadcast at the final “rough cut” stage
  • Any issues concerning matters of fairness, balance, confidentiality or security or concerns about religious, political or racial sensitivities may be raised by the representative of Clarence House
  • A representative of Clarence House shall also be permitted to view the Programme at the “fine cut” stage prior to the first transmission of the Programme (and in good time should any changes be required)
  • [The news organisation] shall provide a copy of the final transmission version of the Programme to the staff at Clarence House, prior to… broadcast and Clarence House shall be entitled to require [the news organisation] to remove [Prince Charles’s] Contribution in its entirety from the Programme
  • [Prior approval is required for] all trailers, press releases and other promotional material in relation to the Programme
  • [Prior approval is required for] the identity of any interviewees or contributors to the Programme other than HRH
  • [The news organisation] will stop filming immediately if reasonably requested to do so at any time by Clarence House
  • [The news organisation] shall have no right to use or exploit in any form whatsoever any of the material recorded immediately around the interruption in filming
  • [The news organisation] shall share with Clarence House its proposed marketing, press and publicity
  • [The news organisation shall] keep in strictest confidence and not at any time disclose publish or reveal at any time hereafter, either personally or by means of press or publicity or advertising agencies, or by means of any social networking sites, chat rooms or otherwise by supplying information to any website, without Clarence House’s prior written approval, the footage recorded… or details of or material relating to any incident, conversation or information concerning HRH, the Royal Family or Clarence House or any other confidential information.

Ah, I think I’ll pass on HRH.

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