Ca0dvMVXEAAxK2YThe voter is never wrong. My vote for a candidate for President, like yours, is legally protected under the constitution, its amendments and by state law. For decades, some big media outlets have used their power and influence to sway voters to a particular candidate – to their candidate. The New York Daily News – with its unrelenting smears of Donald Trump – is a prime example. But something unprecedented happened yesterday in New Hampshire. The voters stopped listening. Trump and Bernie Sanders’ victories in the New Hampshire Primary were a wakeup call from voters saying “screw you” to the media. “We’re no longer buying in to the media machine that Hillary has hitched her wagon to”. The media has lost control over the American voter. And they’re not taking it well. They’re resorting to bullying and shaming.

The cover of this morning’s Daily News announces, “Dawn of the Brain Dead. Clown (Trump in clownface) Comes Back To Life With N.H. Win as Mindless Zombies Turn Out In Droves”. It’s calling New Hampshire GOP voters “brain dead zombies” because of Trump’s big win. While the tabloid has led an on-going campaign to discredit Trump since he entered the race, the paper hasn’t turned its wrath toward voters until now. The Huffington Post also lambasted Granite State voters saying New Hampshire went “Racist, Sexist, Xenophobic”. It added, “voters desire a politically incorrect outsider”. And that’s the exact message voters seem to be sending. It’s a clear rejection of the Washington establishment and those media outlets that cater to it. Republicans, for too long, have felt betrayed by the GOP. Donald Trump won those voters, the electorate wanting an outsider, and the Independents all by a wide margin.

Ironically, Marco Rubio is blaming the very same media for his massacre in New Hampshire. Following his meltdown in the most recent debate, Rubio says the media focused on nothing else, so he was unable to control the message going out to his supporters. He placed fifth in New Hampshire after a third place showing in Iowa.

The tables have turned. The media no longer controls the message. That victory goes to voters.


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