Have you ever seen such salesmanship? These film shorts from all those 50’s & 60’s “ramas” including Motorama, Homearama and Futureama are to die for.  OK, I’ll say it, they’re totally gay! But damn are they fascinating to watch. I’ve compiled a few of my favorites beginning with the cult classic, Design For Dreaming from 1956.  Tad Tadlock is amazing as a woman who’s lips don’t move while she sings – and dreams about a masked man  (Marc Breaux) taking her to the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York for the 1956 General Motors Motorama. Spoiler: They end up falling in love on the “road of tomorrow” in the Firebird 2.  Favorite lyric:

“Girls don’t go to motoramas dressed in a pair of pink pajamas.”

…and if that’s not enough, try this one on for size:

“We’d better get her into the kitchen! Quick!”

Next up is the brilliant Once Upon A Honeymoon (angel scenes aside). from 1956. Sponsored by Bell Telephone, the musical fantasy film stars Virginia Gibson and Ward Ellis as the honeymooners.  A Castle in the Sky is actually a catchy little tune. Enjoy.

Tad also stars with James Mitchell in 1961’s A Touch Of Magic. This is one of the rare Populuxe films (combining the words popular & luxury) that tap into the culture and aesthetic of the U.S. in the mid century.  It’s all about space age design, futurist and technology focused. Favorite lyric:

“This dream house you and I will share

Was planned for us by Frigidaire”

And finally, I’d be remiss if I did not include Motorama Moods from 1953. Again produced by General Motors, this show not only highlighted cars the public could buy but showed off dreamy concept cars, dubbed the Dream Cars, that set people’s hearts and minds racing.  A young couple is spied necking in the brand new Corvette. And dream cars like the Pontiac Parisiene, the XM-100 and Buick Le Sabre are there to wow the crowd. Check it out:

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