Down To Earth

The guys at KIMO JAGGER PRODUCTIONS, Andrew Yani and Raymond J Brune are excited to present a systematic, vertically-integrated platform concept, designed to leverage entertainment assets in this new, virtual world. The strategy starts with a game show –  Down To Earth. The game  uses an interactive smartphone app that connects viewers in real-time to the live show, as well as to content on jumbotrons at stadiums and theatres.

Not only is the game fun to play any time, but players who engage with the show as appointment viewing (or appointment playing) can win real money while connecting to millions of viewers. Creating marketing efficiencies, the game can organically showcase and support multiple properties and brands; the new venue where a musician will headline an upcoming event, the stadium hosting a championship game, or the hometown of an actor with a new project, for example, can all be promoted via interactive platform promoting trivia questions.

Here’s the quick 2-minute video pitch:

 But there’s more the DTE than a game show. It’s an APP and it’s VR-Ready!

Here’s a full play of the game with its rules, twists and Hail Mary’s!