New CoverFrom the heart of a tortured soul comes his innermost thoughts, feelings, fantasies and truths. This is “Tortured Soul – The Lyrics of Raymond J Brune”. Nestled among more than one hundred jaw-dropping, thought-provoking photographs, Ray’s collection of song lyrics spans 30 years of songwriting, guitar strumming and chord rolling on the piano. Many of the songs included here have been recorded for one of his four commercially released CD’s and more than 100 downloadable tracks. More than a dozen songs have never been released before or recorded – some because of their very adult and taboo subject matter. Ray’s lyrics tell of an apparition preventing a suicide on Cincinnati’s old suspension bridge, of a Mary Magdalene figure – “trying to console a tortured soul” who left no footprints in the sand – the only way show knows how, and a famous singer giving Ray a private performance at her piano. Also included are the crazy lyrics Ray wrote about his parents, his nieces and nephews and siblings from the album “Family Soundtrack” – the best-selling of all of Ray’s CDs and songs about the people he worked with producing a TV show in Los Angeles. “Tortured Soul” is the definitive collection of lyrics from one of modern day’s most undiscovered songwriting talents.